Solar Winds

Solar winds are arguably one of the most destructive forces in our solar system. As a kid, I never took these forces into account when thinking about space travel. In my mind, as long as you avoided flying your space ship directly into the sun (which I thought was on fire, of course), our starContinue reading “Solar Winds”

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that appear to be fresh out of a fantasy novel. Otherwise known as Aurora Borealis, these lights are the product of the Earth’s magnetic field and high energy particles from the sun. Normally our magnetic field is invisible, but in certain locations, like the Earth’s poles, they becomeContinue reading “The Northern Lights”

We’re All a Little Crooked, and That’s a Good Thing

Over spring break I watched a movie called “The Dead Don’t Die” with my family. The movie starts out with Bill Murray’s and Adam Driver’s characters talking about how strange everything is, and is promptly followed up with an in-movie news channel featuring a debate on whether polar fracking is good or bad. In theContinue reading “We’re All a Little Crooked, and That’s a Good Thing”

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